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ARTLIFE Studio is an independent art school located in Buckinghamshire and was set up with the aim of nurturing the natural creativity of children and young people across all disciplines of Art and Design.

With over 27 years of experience working and teaching in the Creative sectors and having held the post of Principal Tutor at one of London’s leading Art and Design Universities, founder Sarah Thomas realised the lack of creativity available to children and young people in mainstream education and the benefits gained if they are nurtured from an early age.

The studio offers a true art education with a difference. Students are encouraged to come and explore how to push their creative boundaries through intimate fun structured classes that educate and stimulate key areas of creative ability in children and adults aged 4 years and above. For us it is the process, not the end result, that is fundamental to the understanding of experiencing what it is to produce “Art”.

Since its conception 6 years ago Artlife Studio has grown rapidly to become one of the most personal and creative independent art schools in the country with a beautiful studio nestled in 26 acres of stunning Buckinghamshire countryside.

Artlife uses workshops in small class sizes as a starting point to encourage children to explore all disciplines of painting, printing, sculpture and drawing in a hands-on fun way with insights into some individual artists. Fine art techniques are at the foundation of our teaching, as this enables the student to build confidence and grow as an artist. Pupils are encouraged to express themselves and to take risks in creating art; through this, they develop a sense of self, innovation and resilience; all transferable skills. This has enabled children of all ages to reach their creative potential at whatever level.

Artlife Studio also runs its own Scholarship and GCSE support programmes and we are proud to have worked with several of our students who have successfully gained art scholarships at some of the best schools in the country. We have recently extended our courses to adults and now run exciting classes exploring all aspects of painting drawing and art history.



Sarah is an award-winning lecturer who has a BA Hons Fashion & Textiles degree, a Distinction level PG Cert teaching qualification in Creative courses and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Her early career involved selling vintage clothing at Portobello Road where she sourced antique accessories and provided bespoke clothing for some of the top design houses like Dior and Alexander McQueen. Later she declined the offer of a major job role in Paris from designer Thierry Mugler in favour of developing her own creative business pursuits. As a result, she has years of creative direction and extensive experience of business and marketing across the arts, founding different businesses during her career. She has also gained rare experience of teaching within Art and Design across many levels from preschool to GCSE, A-level and later BA and MA degree courses at the University of Arts London.

Today Sarah directs, orchestrates and leads Artlife as well as teaching across all the ages and associated disciplines at the studio. She thrives on the children’s excitement and creativity and loves to see their eyes light up. She also has an amazing ability to create fresh and incredible ideas for classes and workshops time and time again.

Sarah Director and founder.


Richard is Sarah’s right-hand man and is first and foremost responsible for all marketing, branding and creative direction of the art school. Richard thrives on anything visual and creative and focuses on challenges within Artlife. He has a BA Hons in 3D design with over 25 years of experience in the creative sectors, running his own Bespoke Furniture and Interiors business. As a practising artist in his own right, he lives to create. He also makes the coffee from time to time for us in the studio.

Richard Marketing, Creative director, Branding


Polly is an amazing manager and teacher. She has a passion for all things arty and creative. She patiently supports all the children with her caring nature, guiding art instruction during the lessons. Polly never forgets any child’s name (and we have more than a few). She loves the children and they love her. We are delighted to have her with us at the studio.

Polly Artist Assistance


Daisy is incredibly arty and creative. She’s a student of the Arts and her gentle nature has a quiet hypnotic effect on our students which is marvellous to behold. She also has a mischievous side that she reveals in sporadic bursts of enthusiasm which is reflected in the children. Thanks for being you Daisy!

Daisy Artist Assistance


Lucy has been with us for many years. She has wisdom and intuition beyond her years. Her instinctive nature allows her to have an uncanny knack of knowing each child’s requirements even before we do; a very unique talent. Well done Lucy!

Lucy Artist Assistance


In proud partnership









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